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Vertical reciprocating packaging machine maintenance

2022-02-11 14:12:10

One, vertical reciprocating packaging machine maintenance

The method of ordinary mechanical maintenance is to maintain stable mechanical life and performance, the following is the daily maintenance of this machine, except for the operation and maintenance personnel, the rest of the machine is prohibited to maintain, maintenance is to turn off the power, so as to avoid danger.

1. The conveyor belt of the machine must be cleaned by air pressure before work every day.

2. Residual recovery and maintenance of wheel shaft:

(1) monthly maintenance.

(2) Remove the fixed nut of the recovery wheel, and take out the spring and the collection wheel.

(3) Spread butter on the contact surface between the shaft and the recycling wheel to keep the collection wheel running smoothly.

3. When it is found that there is shrinkage film residue at the edge of the sealing knife, gently remove the surface residue with cork. Do not use metal wipe, because metal friction will destroy the protective film on the knife, reduce the knife sealing function.

Note: Do not attempt to scratch the surface of the sealing knife, as this will affect the sealing effect of the sealing knife.

4, bearing and bearing seat maintenance: maintenance about every three months, the machine surface is equipped with bearing and bearing seat parts, hydraulic oil droplets in the bearing and spindle contact clearance to keep lubrication and ensure the surface clean.

5. Sprocket maintenance: about every three months, remove the cover plate of the transmission part first, smear the contact gap between the chain and the sprocket with butter, and reinstall the cover plate after maintenance.


6. After a period of operation, the belt will relax. If the belt drive is not tight, you need to adjust the belt tightness.

7. Check whether the tool fixing screws are locked tightly. If they are loose, tighten them. (Once a month)

8. Check the PTFE tape on the sealing silicone strip. If it is damaged, it needs to be updated.

9. If the TEflon on the cutter falls off and the film is easy to stick to the cutter, the cutter should be treated with teflon again or replaced with a new sealing knife.

10, electric heating tube replacement: when the electric heating tube can not be heated, the electric heating tube must be replaced.

(1) before replacing the electric heating tube, it is necessary to determine whether the voltage and wattage of the electric heating tube are satisfied, and then turn off the power until the waste heat of the electric heating tube is eliminated.

(2) Unplug the wire of the electric heating tube in the distribution box.

(3) loosen the fixing screw of the electric heating tube, take out the electric heating tube, and then put the newly bought electric heating tube into the electric heating tube.

(4) Confirm that all screws are fixed and locked, and lock the junction box after all lines are connected.

11, the lifting screw to keep good lubrication: about a month maintenance once, first remove the outer baffle with yellow

Grease the contact gap between the T-screw and the T-nut (as shown in FIG. 7.2), and then turn the lifting device of the adjusting handle to adjust it up and down, so that the lubricating oil is fully lubricated, and then install it back to the outer baffle after maintenance.

12, replace heat resistant rubber or heat resistant tape:

(1) Turn off the power and remove the heat-resistant adhesive tape after the remaining temperature of the electric heating tube is eliminated.

(2) Take out the heat-resistant rubber, replace the newly purchased heat-resistant rubber, install it with a knife seat concave surface, ensure that the surface is completely smooth, and remove the excess part that is too long.

(3) Then paste heat-resistant tape, pay attention to the tape must be smooth, not wrinkle.


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