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Analysis of common film cutting problems of pillow packing machine

2021-12-08 15:15:14

1. Screws on both sides of knife block of pillow packing machine are loose

After a long time of use, the two screws on the top of the handle may become loose due to the vibration of the machine tool. We need to adjust the screws on top of the tool holder two or three times clockwise (note that the middle is not the big screw, but the small screws on both sides, some packers have four screws, some packers have two, depending on the type of screw pillow packers, there are different reasons). After adjustment, open the film, generally can solve the film cutting problem of pillow packing machine.

2, the temperature of the tool is not enough

If the temperature is not enough, it can also cause problems cutting the packaging film, so we can raise the temperature a few degrees and try again (remember to wait two or three minutes after the temperature has settled before starting the test)." If the packaging film has been cut, but folding occurs after the packaging film is cut, the temperature is too high or the speed of the packaging machine is not enough (if the speed of the packaging machine is too slow and the temperature is too high, the packaging film will be burned). If the speed problem is eliminated, that means the temperature can't go any higher, and we need to bring it back. Since it's not a temperature problem, let's look at other reasons for continuous cutting of packaging film.

If you can't do that, you need to turn around slowly test, until the film packaging machine is cut off, it should be noted that if the screw after the film can be cut off, but when the cutting knife block generates a lot of noise (no problem), shows that cutting pressure is too great, this kind of circumstance should be transferred to the screw, so that you can eliminate the problems of screw.

The knife is not sharp enough to wear

After ruling out the above reasons, it can be concluded that this knife is the problem. This situation is more common, especially the pillow packaging machine used for a long time most of the wear, the solution is that we can use copper pad blade, so that the pressure of the knife will increase, the film of the packaging machine will be cut off.


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