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What are the operating requirements for food package installation

2021-12-08 15:19:11

Under the rapid development of food industry, food packaging machine ushered in market increment. A large number of packaging machinery and equipment in the domestic use, not only improve the packaging efficiency, improve the level of domestic packaging industrialization, to ensure the quality of packaging, but also to improve the working conditions of workers, saving labor costs, has a great role. Of course, users need to use the equipment reasonably after purchasing, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and ensure the service life of the equipment. So, how to use the operation of packaging machinery equipment?

"Food packaging equipment automation is changing the packaging process of the way of action and packaging containers and materials processing methods, the realization of digital control of the packaging system can improve the production efficiency and food packaging quality, and effectively reduce the labor intensity of factory staff, reduce energy and resource consumption. At present, China's machinery production has met the basic domestic demand, while the vacuum packaging machine, sealing machine, labeling machine and other equipment has begun to export complete sets, "said an industry insider.

For users, in the process of using the equipment, it is necessary to use the operation reasonably to reduce the occurrence of faults and ensure the stable operation of packaging machinery and equipment.

Reasonable installation and operation of the equipment is the premise to ensure the stable operation of packaging machinery. Industry pointed out that packaging equipment in the process of work, must be reasonable installation, operation mentioned in an important position. Because some places are easy to be ignored by the operator, sometimes the equipment will fail, or even face the risk of shutdown, so it needs to be paid close attention to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

In fact, any packaging equipment has standard operation requirements. If the equipment is not properly operated and relevant matters are paid attention to, the failure rate of the equipment will be increased even if the equipment will not fail in a short time. So, how to reasonably install and operate the packaging machinery and equipment to ensure the stable operation of the equipment?

The use and operation of packaging machinery and equipment should pay attention to these aspects. First, the machine wire plug into the AC power socket, open the machine circuit system, connect the whole circuit. Secondly, the wood mold is placed on the mold table, and the wire on the wood mold and the terminal post in the middle of the machine are connected. Third, open the cooling switch, turn on the cooling time system circuit, adjust the cooling time when the establishment of the button, select the plate cold pressing time. Fourth, the user can choose the appropriate heating current gear according to the actual packaging situation.

Not only that, in the process of packaging production, because the device sealing and cutting film is high temperature, so users are not allowed to touch the hot sealing wheel, sealing mold and moving parts, in order to prevent scalding.

In addition, it is forbidden to put your hair, gloves and clothing into the moving parts of the pillow packing machine, so as not to be involved in accidents. After Z, the user also needs to check, clean and lubricate each packaging machine regularly.

More attention is paid to, but also do a good job of heat dissipation and ventilation, do not put the packaging equipment in high temperature, humidity, dirty use, not only can prevent components from being damaged quickly, the product is polluted, but also can prevent the performance of the equipment from being affected, and then affect the follow-up work efficiency and service life of the equipment.


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