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How to identify the quality of mask packaging machine?

2021-12-08 15:49:48

Mask packaging machine is a kind of product packaging machine, play the role of protection and beauty. The correct way to identify the mask packaging machine is the effect of the mask packaging machine, which has high requirements for mask packaging. So how do you know the quality of the mask packer?

The quality discrimination method of mask packaging machine is as follows:

1, ensure the seal, no air leakage.

2. If the air in the bag is fluffy after the mask is packed, it means that the air is too much and the exhaust function is not perfect. It is not a qualified mask packing machine.

3. Can't the packaging function be cut off after packaging? Can't cut off the packaging bag packaging machine is rogue.

4. The stability of the packaging machine. An unstable packaging machine is a trick to cheat money.

5. The materials of the packaging machine and medical grade masks have high requirements for the environment, and the requirements for the packaging machine are also very high. It is necessary to ensure that the packaging machine is not rusted and corrosion resistant.

Mask packaging machine is good or bad identification method as mentioned above, we can according to the above identification method to identify. When it comes to the difference between different mask packing machines, we have to say that mask packing machines are different. Today we focus on two models, one is continuous rolling vacuum packaging machine, the other is stretching mask packaging machine.


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