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Reciprocating servo packaging machine RD-BM-508S/708S

Reciprocating servo packaging machine RD-BM-508S/708S

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Scope of application

It is suitable for baking bread cakes, frozen steamed buns, dumplings with trays, cooked food bags, hamburgers and so on. It is more advantageous to target higher products.

performance feature

1. Reciprocating horizontal sealing knife block design.

2. Cantilever frame design body, strong and durable.

3 conveyor adopts full belt design, simple maintenance, easy operation.

4. Stainless steel body, in line with food grade requirements.

5. Full cover safety cover, equipped with safety protection switch (warning stop), to avoid the occurrence of operation accidents.

6. Provide positive and negative directional machines, customers can choose according to their needs.

Product advantage

1. Diverse packaging: suitable for diverse packaging, a set of equipment can be qualified for different sizes of products packaging.

2. Quick disassembly design: patent quick disassembly belt design, without the use of tools, can be directly dismantled and replaced by hand.

3. Man-machine interface: 10.4 inch touch panel, easy operation.

4. Memory menu: 100 groups of packaging product Settings can be stored in memory, fast switching products without wasting time.

5. Mis-cutting protection: prevent mis-cutting and avoid product waste caused by mis-cutting.

6. No material standby: in automatic detection mode, no material automatic standby, no empty package, no waste of package material.

7. Troubleshooting: automatic troubleshooting, reduce time consumption.

Technical parameters



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