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High speed servo folding mask machine RPH-N95

High speed servo folding mask machine RPH-N95

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The high speed servo folding mask machine includes automatic unwinding, burying the bridge of the nose, folding molding and ear band welding; The equipment through servo feeding, positioning system and each production station, the production of high-quality folding masks.

Summary of the equipment

High speed servo folding mask machine, using PLC control system, material from coil feeding, nose clip feeding, multi-layer composite, ultrasonic welding, chase shear welding ear band, mechanical folding molding, follow edge sealing, mask cutting, finished product waste separation, complete one time, the whole production process automation, continuous and efficient.

The process flow


Equipment diagram


The performance characteristics of

▼Thick frame, suitable for continuous high-speed production, high stability, low failure rate, small footprint.

▼ When the coil and nose clip are short of material, photoelectric (optical fiber) detection of raw materials, automatic stop, to avoid waste.

▼ Mask welding ear band and edge sealing, adopt servo motor to follow, accurate positioning, high speed and stability.

▼ The whole machine adopts 11 independent servo motor control, and equipped with Internet of things module, easy to remote monitoring and update the program.

▼ Intelligent control platform, man-machine interface parameter setting is convenient and quick, easy to learn.

▼ The coil is driven by independent stepper motor, the coil diameter is automatically adjusted, and the tension is automatically adjusted according to photoelectric detection.

Technical parameters




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