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Counting automatic counting line

Counting automatic counting line

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Scope of application

Counting automatic counting line mainly for round or square biscuit products, accurate counting, packaging without or with tray. The front end can be connected with different production lines to realize automatic continuous feeding.


The performance characteristics of

1. The counting automatic feeding line is composed of feeding conveyor, counting finishing machine, horizontal receiving conveyor and automatic packaging machine, which can accurately count and arrange round or square biscuit products, and orderly locate the products and send them to the packaging machine. To achieve continuous production, low reject rate, beautiful packaging effect.

2. The material line speed of six ways can reach 80 bales/min (it varies according to the product size and packaging form).

3. The whole line adopts 220V 50Hz power supply, as shown in the figure. The total power of one drag and one (six channels) is about 8.3KW.

Equipment advantages

1. The six-channel counting automatic material line is adopted to arrange, count, arrange and locate the products at the same time, with high speed and efficiency.

2. The front end can be connected with different production lines to realize automatic and continuous feeding, and accurate counting for sandwich biscuits.



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